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My Bio

Back to biking now for 17 years, started off again with firstly a 600 divy, but bought my fazer 1000 early in 2004 and o boy what an excellent machine, it's a pleasure to ride every time. image

June 08 and after four fantastic years I have just traded in my great Fazer thou' for a Triumph sprint st 1050, so far no regrets but this replacement has a lot to live up to.

Looks very much like I will be coming back to the fold in 2009, the sprint is a great bike but it's doing my neck in, need that upright Fazer position back again. Also the sprint just can't hack it i'm afraid, anyway watch the spaces. image

Well that's it I've gone and done it ordered a fz1 for March, will post some pic's when I get it.

Still running the FZ1S but have recently gone and got myself a low mileage GEN1 again, truth is I missed my other one so much.

April 2015 - still got the GEN 1 but sold the GEN 2.

My Occupation

Retired a bit early due to a bad accident at work, not on the bike.

My Hobbies

Music / F.I. / My great bikes / Meets and ride outs.

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